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Introducing : Level One — A Woman’s Way to Lead Three-Month Personal Transformation Program

Introducing : Level One — A Woman’s Way to Lead Three-Month Personal Transformation Program

This training works like a turbocharge to your transformation and swings open the doors to a life truly beyond ordinary by harnessing the inner Shakti Forces most women have yet to wake up to.

Sadly, the #1 issue women face is, "I struggle to ask for what I want.”

More women than ever are taking leadership roles, and yet women are barely scratching the surface of their potential for feeling personally strong and fulfilled either at home or at work.

In reality, there are an astonishing number of ways we women can become confident to overcome the indecision, weakness, or shame that holds us back from enjoying our success.

Yes, you can still have passion-filled intimacy and find success in your career, even if you’re flying solo.

Yes, loving your self more and strengthening your self-esteem is the place to start.

That’s why we’ve created this online course especially for you.

No matter where you are in your life’s journey — single or in a relationship, a mom or a grandmother, a career woman or a homemaker — this course gives you expert guidance on how to hone your skills as a Leader and a Lover (which you’ll discover are very much connected).

A Woman’s Way to Lead.
Convenient. Accessible Learning.
Easy to Integrate into Your Daily Routine.

Women are increasingly taking on more powerful positions of success and leadership, yet many of us are still struggling to feel personally happy within our relationships and careers.

How do we find our personal independence and sharpen our professional skills without vying for power or trying to be “one of the guys”?

Yes, we can we learn to use our strength as women without overpowering the men in our lives. And yes, we can lead with power and still enjoy the softer sides of being a woman.

Yes, we want it all, and we can have it: Independence. Power. Strength. And Freedom.

And we can have intimacy, tenderness, and love too. For what good is all the power we gain if we can’t really enjoy it as a woman?

It all begins by cutting away other people’s voices and learning to listen to your heart.

Transform Yourself and Your Relationships By Discovering Your Shakti Feminine Power

A Woman’s Way to Lead attracts women who are ready to discover and strengthen their natural Shakti power and who want to develop the confidence, courage, and the "chops" to do amazing things in the world. Join us for A Woman’s Way to Lead, where you will become clear on your vision, build a team of powerful allies, and use the principles of Shakti Feminine Leadership to turn your indecision or shame into confidence.

This course provides decades of expertise with easy-to-learn feminine spiritual practices proven to supercharge your daily routines and bring new healthy habits into your everyday life. These rare teachings have been used to empower women for thousands of years — yes, some of the courtesan lessons, personal feminine rituals, Jade Egg, and Qigong exercises are actually derived from ancient sources and reworked to fit into our modern way of living.

Join A Woman’s Way to Lead and take this empowering leap with us to turn indecision and weakness into radiant confidence as a Shakti Queen.

Are You Ready to Empower the Shakti Queen Within You in a Softer and More Loving Way?

This Unique Online Training Program includes:
  • Three monthly training modules with exclusive Shakti Queen videos, teachings, and practices available here for your review anytime
  • Periodic group webinars and phone conferences with Amara Charles, Shyena Venice, and amazing women from around the world
  • Membership in a growing community of Shakti Sisters
  • Shakti Queen Training Certificate upon completion of the course
  • Practical hands-on training to support and expand your feminine leadership skills
  • Detailed expert guidance on bringing your personal dreams into reality

Become A Powerful, Confident Shakti Leader.
Join A Woman’s Way to Lead

What are the benefits?

Transform your fear of success, body shame, or indecisiveness into confidence and poise. Practice leading by example by becoming a bright, shiny, and more confident woman. Experience how bringing more heart, self-love, and juiciness into all of your relationships is the real secret to leading as a powerful woman. You will also get to expand your own groups of empowered women and gain access to a unique treasure trove of feminine teachings and spiritual practices to use whenever you feel blocked. If learning and gaining new skills to lead your own empowered circles and studying at your own pace sings to you, we’d love you to join A Woman’s Way to Lead.
Amara Charles benefits

Transform fear of success, body shame, or indecisiveness into confidence and poise

Amara Charles benefits

Lead by example by becoming a bright, shiny, and more confident woman

Amara Charles benefits

Bring more heart, more love, and more juiciness into all your relationships

Amara Charles benefits

Increase your sexual vitality to increase your leadership power

Amara Charles benefits

Expand your own groups of empowered women

Amara Charles benefits

Gain access to a unique treasure trove of feminine practices to use whenever you feel blocked

Amara Charles benefits

Study everything at your own pace

Amara Charles benefits

Train and gain skills to lead your own women's circles

Amara Charles benefits

Complete more projects with ease and grace

Your Instructors


Amara Charles

Amara Charles is a best-selling author, spiritual teacher, and guide to thousands, helping women and men strengthen the passion within their intimate relationships. She is the founder and creator of Shakti Queen Women’s Empowerment Retreats and she loves traveling around the world inspiring women to step into the full potential of their divine feminine power. Amara has studied with spiritual teachers and healers the world over for over thirty years. She mined for her soul as an apprentice guide on the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path of Turtle Island, as a Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality teacher, and as a student at the Wu Tai Shan Monastery in China where she goes for personal retreat. As a lover of the world’s great wisdom traditions, her knowledge is deeply rooted in the Shamanic and Tibetan Buddhist lineages. Amara’s great passion is to inspire the awakening of our creative spiritual power and to help others realize the preciousness of life that shines within everything we do.

Shyena Venice

Shyena is an internationally acclaimed wellness educator and a graduate of the European School of Massage & Aromatherapy in London. Shyena has over twenty years of experience in the Natural Healing Arts and is the co-producer of Shakti Queen Women’s Empowerment Retreats. She is also an avid adventurer who has climbed mountains the world over, giving her a mastery of spirit she uses to inspire women of all ages to increase their physical prowess and health.

Her unique understanding of what women need to restore their physical, emotional, and spiritual health coupled with her business acumen has helped her become one of the pioneers of promoting healthy sexual education. She has a boundless passion for empowering women to discover how they can lead holistic lives and awaken to inner feminine power.

See What Graduates Are Saying About A Woman’s Way to Lead

A sign of a good teacher is that the teacher will introduce you to her teachers because learning never ends. We are always evolving.

Laurie Higgins-Kerley
Founder and Equine Therapist

Patrizia da Milano
Artist and Healer

Jennifer Landram
Clinical Nutritionist and Kundalini Yoga Teacher

What You Get

Every new moon for the next three months you will be guided through a new module that will include short inspirational videos, audios, and worksheets for you to explore at your own pace. Everything is bite-sized and easy to fit into your daily routine.
Expanding your path of possibility as a leader
  • Designing a future in harmony with your heart
  • Discover the nine principles of successful feminine leadership
  • Detailed guidance for creating a personal Jade Egg Dreaming Altar
Creating a team of allies
  • Shakti training to build your wheel of empowered female allies
  • Learn women's Qigong exercises to nourish your health and vitality
  • Establish unique sisterhood pairings to stand strong and accountable in your life
Designing your life with pleasure
  • Learn how to propel your passions by playing the Pleasure Point Game
  • Shift patterns of overwhelm and overwork by putting pleasure first
  • Establish a new blueprint for success using minimum effort and enjoying maximum results

Enroll Now and Get These Bonuses

Flirting With Confidence

The Art of Flirting with Confidence Audio Guide

Eight fascinating ways to flirt with power - even in the “me too“ age!
Listen to Amara and Shyena's expertise on how to allure and entice a lover to a whole new level of pleasure and fun.

Jade Egg Dreaming Ceremony eBook

Learn to use a little known Jade Egg practice to increase your internal sensations.
This gentle, soothing practice gives you a step-by-step guide on how to increase your lubrication, reduce painful intercourse and strengthen the pelvic floor, all by sleeping and dreaming with your Jade Egg at night.
Jade Egg eBook
Jade Egg eBook

Jade Egg Dreaming Ceremony eBook

Learn to use a little known Jade Egg practice to increase your internal sensations.
This gentle, soothing practice gives you a step-by-step guide on how to increase your lubrication, reduce painful intercourse and strengthen the pelvic floor, all by sleeping and dreaming with your Jade Egg at night.

Women Are Raving About
A Woman's Way To Lead


This was a wonderful, wonderful experience! Words cannot describe what you ladies aided me in. I have transformed into who I have always wanted to be. I have never been so comfortable with my body before, so confident in my relations with the masculine, and so in touch with my femininity.


As a Shakti Queen I feel valued and appreciated as a woman. I learned what I need to manifest at this point in my life. I learned many exercises that will help me focus more on myself. As a young woman, I always worry about how people view me, who my next partner will be, and mending broken relationships. I realized that all these things will happen when they are supposed to.

Nancy Baker

I feel liberated more than I have in the past. Being in an environment with women as true female beings expressed fully is so wonderful. I know how to see myself as an Elder, as a beautiful alive woman, wild and expansive. I feel grateful to Kelly for opening her home. I also feel gratitude for your lessons, Amara, and your graciousness. You know how to be present with each of us in a way that is raw and open and accepting. You are a Goddess exemplified. Namaste.


I feel refreshed, so free to be me. I feel ready to communicate my sexual needs with my partner as I feel more connected and comfortable with my body. I feel more connected to women. . . to the Shakti Queen within them and more able to connect with my sisters. I feel gratitude for this space being provided, gratitude for the women here in this community and gratitude for my path in life. I feel excited to express my sensuality and creativity!

Raven Heart

I’m relieved from the pain of my father/daughter relationship. The healing ceremony was a huge release for me. The entire experience was amazing. I am in awe of each and every Goddess who has taken this course. They have all touched me in profound ways and I am forever changed.


I love your warmth and healing humor, amazing insights, and funny stories to back them up. I love the teachings from all the different traditions — it feels rich. I love all the ceremonies and physical exercises in this program. I love the way you understand people’s challenges and can offer them (and me!) the perfect guidance! MOST valuable! Namaste! Many, many thanks.

4 Proven Ways Our Program Will Take You To the Finish Line and Beyond

1. No Pressure Learning with Pleasure
We‘re serious about learning through pleasure! Some women can’t wait until the next module arrives in their mailbox every month. Some have high-powered jobs and are thirsty for some “me time,” while others have families and children to tend to. No worries! You’ll always be supported to move at your own pace with pleasure.
2. Easy Lifetime Access
Everyone loves our remarkably easy micro-learning platform and our bite-sized inspiring videos, audios, worksheets, and assignments that give you lifetime access anytime on your phone, tablet, or desktop.
3. Beyond Online Learning — Live Gatherings
We have Live Shakti Retreats all around the world where we take our training and lessons deeper together and we practice what we preach — learning through totally nourishing pleasure!
4. Learn How to Increase The Power of Your Own Women's Circles
If leading groups or individuals is your fancy, this program certifies you to lead your own Shakti circles and share some of these wonderful practices with your friends and family.

Try Level One — A Woman’s Way to Lead
Risk-Free for 10 Days

Enroll now, receive all of your bonus material, and 10 days from the start of the training, you can go through Module 1 for 10 days risk-free.

If you’re not happy with the results, simply email our team at by day 10 and your entire investment will be instantly refunded. It's that easy.

So get started now. You have nothing to lose, and a whole new world to gain.

Why join today?


By joining this wave of students in A Woman’s Way to Lead, you’ll receive two special opportunities that will not be available in the future.

1. A very special price for you with outstanding benefits

The usual price for an online certification and training program like this is $499.

2. Our 10-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

We know this works. A Woman’s Way To Lead has already changed the lives of hundreds of women around the globe. We’ve turned this into a new micro-learning structure that has proven to have a high completion rate and the best results for women. So we’re sure this program will deliver many remarkably profound awakenings to strengthen and soften your inner feminine power. However, in the unlikely event that you aren’t completely blown away by A Woman’s Way To Lead, please contact for a prompt and courteous refund within the first 10 days.

A Woman’s Way to Lead.
Convenient. Accessible Learning.
Easy to Integrate into Your Daily Routine.


This Exclusive Time-Limited Offer Includes:
A three-month online training program packed with inspirational teachings, short instructional videos, and guided audios available to review anytime at your own pace, with lifetime access.
New material rolls out weekly, giving you time to focus and a way to stay on track
Accompanying worksheets for feminine practices, personal ceremonies, and Shakti Task Assignments
According to your preferences, you may enroll in our Shakti Queen Certification Program* or enjoy our fabulous range of empowering lessons to elevate your personal life to a whole new level of possibility
Invitation to join the larger community for live group webinars where you meet new sisters and hear from the teachers, Amara Charles and Shyena Venice, and the Shakti Team
Membership in a growing community of Shakti Sisters
Bonus #1: The Art of Flirting with Confidence Audio Guide
Bonus #2: 64-page Jade Egg Dreaming Ceremony E-Book
Enrollment Options
No-questions-asked 10 day money-back guarantee

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